2023 Dates will be June 1,2,3, and 4

The Jim Seery Memorial 34th Annual Hammer-In blacksmith event.

Jim Seery Memorial Hammer In 2023

Hello Smiths!

In answer to many questions, YES, there will be Hammer In again this year!  I forget how many this is, something like 35th in a row.  Hardly seems possible!

Dates are Thursday, June 1 through Sunday, June 4, once again at Rusty May’s place west of Loveland.  Basically it’s the same song, next verse.  You may come in and start setting up Thursday morning and hammer away to your heart’s content (or your arm’s stamina) the weekend.  As usual camping on the river side, parking on the highway side.  Forge setups in the middle.

The only real question mark this year will be the status of the river.  It looks to be a big runoff this year, and there is no guessing what the state of the river will be.  I hope we will have no problem there, but at this point there is no telling.  Please keep this in mind!

I do owe everyone an apology for being so late this year.  I have been involved in my move to Wyoming and getting my stuff moved up here, and some considerable effort in trying to get it organized and put away.  I’m still at it, but will be set up myself at Hammer In.

As usual, this is an adult activity, with attendant risks, You are responsible for yourself and anyone, you have with you, especially any young people.  I also ask that any dogs be kept on leash and controlled.  We need no dog fights or dogs on the highway.  And please, everyone have appropriate clothing and safety gear.

We will have hoses with water for slack tubs and other uses.  I have not yet ordered porta johns, and don’t know what the cost will be this year.  Since GSI was bought out, probably more..  Small campfires are OK, but plan to bring your own fire wood.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Jan Manning & Jim Taylor