2017 Hammer In Update.

I hope 2016 treated you well and that you are off to an even better 2017.
First I must apologize for the poor communication in 2016. I was involved in
some other issues, and was a bit late trying to get hold of our host, Rusty
May. I then had problems getting hold of Rusty to confirm dates and make
other necessary arrangements. The reason I had trouble getting hold of Rusty
was because he had had back surgery, then an infection which had kept him
in the hospital and out of circulation. When I was able to communicate with
him, I had a glitch in communicating with Jim Taylor, and things just fell

For that I do apologize.

Hammer In 2016 did happen, albeit somewhat smaller than usual.

After Hammer In, Rusty had a couple of more complications, but when I
spoke to him in early January he was being given a clean bill of health, and
was getting back into his usual activities. He said he was feeling better than
he had in some years.

SO, Hammer In 2017 is on, the dates are June 1 through 4. As usual, we
have NO PLAN and we WILL stick to it. All the usual things, as posted

I am very much in hopes that those of you who have joined us before will
join us again, and any interested new people will join us too. We’re open to
anyone interested in working hot iron, and hope you’ll join us for a relaxed,
fun activity.

Feel free to contact us for information if you need.

See you then!
Jan Manning